Balade Sud Caraïbe

9 am to 4:30 pm

At the start of the pontoon of Sainte Luce you will drop the moorings towards the Rocher du Diamant. Max the captain will tell you the famous story of this big rock of 175m where niche is nowadays an ornithological reserve.

After this interlude direction the baths in the Anses d'Arlet: 5 stops, 5 baths, 5 different spots

1st stopover in the town of Anses d'Arlet, fins, mask and snorkel in place for a jump in the warm and crystalline sea of ​​the caribbean where you will marvel at the many varieties of tropical fish.

You will follow the coast through Grande Anse where a natural reserve of marine turtles has been set up.

Then you will continue to Anse Dufour, Anse Noire and its famous black sand beach.

You will stop there to discover all the treasures of the seabed. In snorkeling you will be able to observe the turtles (lute, nested, green) who come to graze the herbaria and also to discover the external fauna with the pelicans who have elected domicile in the cove.

A small tour to the bat cave to discover this natural enclave.

Cap for a new stop swimming in Anse Chaudière, and always with the same pleasure you will bathe in a turquoise water to see different funds.

Last anchorage, last spot on a clear sea to enjoy again the seabed and tropical poisons.

Head back towards Sainte Luce, before the wharf you will make a passage in the mangrove to the discovery of its ecosystem, its trees acclimated in the salty medium with their roots-stilts planted in the mud and its many animals.

Throughout the day, Max will serve snacks, drinks, lunch and snack on the boat.

Rate : Adult: 80 €   /   Child under 12 years 50 €   /   Maximum number of people: 12

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